Our mission is to create living legacies for fallen service members, by awarding scholarships in their names to veterans returning from combat. Each scholarship is designed to self-fund each year so they will be awarded annually and forever. Families will know, their loved ones will never be forgotten.

To accomplish our mission, we accept donations to establish and manage scholarships in the names of fallen service members. We ask family members and loved ones to help us select a college, university or trade school where we will offer the scholarship. Each year, at least one combat veteran attending that school will receive a Pay A Good Deed Forward Scholarship in the name of the fallen service member. We encourage the veteran to use the funds for any purpose that will help them attend school, such as, gas money, babysitting, food, etc.

We have scholarships in the names of these fallen service members:

It is our purpose to show our fallen service members’ families and combat veterans that we care and provide them with resources as best we can. Since we started awarding the scholarships 6 years ago, we experienced bittersweet emotions and witnessed transforming love and respect when we met with awardees and families of the fallen during scholarship award events.

Villagers helping villagers. It’s your turn. You can designate which scholarship you want to support. You can help us start a scholarship. You get to choose your level of involvement…but no matter which you choose, you can make a positive difference.

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