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NOTE:  We now have fully funded Ross' scholarship at Butler Community College in Butler County, PA.  This means that each year one veteran attending BC3 can receive at least a $500 award to use toward their expenses to attend that college.  Each year Ross' family will know Ross' legacy continues and is not forgotten. 

Thank you all who have contributed to reach our $15,000 goal so that Ross' legacy will continue forever.  Thank you for Paying It Forward!


Silver StarView Video of Ross Below        Medal of Honor Awarded June 2, 2008

On December 4th 2006, SPC McGinnis died when he used his body to shield a grenade from killing four of his army comrades. He could have saved his own life by jumping from the humvee. Instead, Ross dove into the humvee onto the grenade. Shortly after the news broadcast of his heroic deed, Village to Village Foundation (V2V) was formed. The founders of V2V were so inspired by this 19 year old, whose action is best explained by his father Thomas McGinnis,

"...The choice for Ross was simple, but simple does not mean easy. His straightforward answer to a simple but difficult choice should stand as a shining example for the rest of us. We all face simple choices, but how often do we choose to make a sacrifice to get the right answer? The right choice sometimes requires honor."

Ross A McGinnis Video is Below 

 The video below was created by Ross' cousin Alison.  She compiled childhood photos along with videos Ross made during his assignment in Iraq.  Some of the text in the beginning is not accurate; such as, he turned 19 on his last birthday, not 20.  It does not take away from the message.  Alison captures Ross and his life experiences with tenderness and reality combined. 

Ross' parents approve of this video being on this website.

Silver Star


Medal of Honor


Arlington National Cemetary - Ross Andrew McGinnis

  Write PAGDF Token Story in Honor of Ross

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